What Distinguishes CUBESHOPS

Our team is composed of Japanese and Canadians working together to produce a link between Canada and the international community.  With our specialized staff, we have created access to one of the most dynamic and unique cultures in the world: Japan.  As a bridge between Japan and Canada, CUBESHOPS has dedicated staff to service people on both sides of the ocean.  

However, that is not to say CUBESHOPS is only looking with an eye on Japan.  We recognize that Europeans have a wealth of engineering and design talent.  CUBESHOPS has also partnered with companies in France and Switzerland because of the quality of their manufacturing process as well as their attention to creating a dynamic and unique product.  

With experience in dealing in Asian markets, CUBESHOPS looks for products that, we feel, fill a need with our customers.  We specialize in products that are unique and will appeal to people of all ages; the trend-setters of Canada.  We look for products that have a Japanese aesthetic, unique engineering, and quality construction.  From office supplies to housewares, from entertainment to functionality, CUBESHOPS looks for the best undiscovered manufacturers in the world.  As a result, we have partnerships with companies within Canada, Japan, France, and parts of Europe.  
CUBESHOPS' gallery store is currently located in the heart of downtown Toronto. From there and the website, CUBESHOPS will be tapping in directly to the most artistic and fashionable area of Canada.  We will also work with our partners to distribute their products and exclusives to retailers across Canada.  We will help to market and distribute products to make sure it gets into the hands of Canadians everywhere. 

Why Choose Canada

As one of the most culturally diverse nations in the world, Canada offers a unique demographic for our partners.  With a population of over 37 million, Canada is a multicultural nation that is diverse and accepting of new ideas and concepts.  Canada is also one of the nations of the world that experiences all four seasons in a year, allowing companies to see how their products do in climate-changing areas.  In addition, the cultural and environmental similarities between Canadian cities such as Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver to such cities as New York, Chicago, and Seattle allow our partners to gain valuable experience and data about their products and their marketability.

Leading International Partnerships

CUBESHOPS is always looking for new Japanese and European producers to join our growing list of exclusive distribution partnerships.  CUBESHOPS looks to partner with up and coming companies to become the exclusive distributor of their products.  In exchange for that exclusive distribution right, CUBESHOPS will handle all aspects of bringing your products to market in a way that is satisfactory to our clients.  CUBESHOPS believes in fostering a relationship with our partners based on trust and a unified vision will create the best opportunities for growth.  At CUBESHOPS, we only select the best products to deliver to the Canadian market and only those products that we at CUBESHOPS meet our high standards of quality and engineering.  

If your products are unique, stylish, and functional, and you feel that your products fit in with the CUBESHOPS philosophy, please do not hesitate to contact us.  You can reach us via our contact page.

Canadian and International Retail Distribution

If you own a retail outlet in Canada or Internationally, and are interested in the products offered by CUBESHOPS, we are interested in talking to you.  CUBESHOPS seeks to offer retailers the chance at selling some of the best products that Japan and Europe have to offer. We are interested in retailers looking to carry unique products that will appeal to the trendiest portions of their market.  Best of all, CUBESHOPS has a showroom for new arrivals of our products.  Located in the heart of downtown Toronto 11 Baldwin Street, our store will be a prime example of how these unique and well-manufactured products deserve a place on your store shelves.  

For more information about setting up a retail partnership, please contact us via our contact page.

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