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CUBESHOPS is a community of specialty shops that represent commodity markets of specific cultures. Each item is selected with its unique cultural aspect and significance in mind.

CUBESHOPSは世界に散らばる独自の商品文化を代表する雑貨・ファッショングッズ専門の セレクトショップが集まるコミュニティーストアです。その商品の背景にある文化的側面や重要性を考慮に入れた上で、アイテムを慎重にセレクトしています。

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  • Holiday Hours

    Dear Customers,
    Cubeshops physical store will be closed for the New year Holidays, from Saturday, Dec 24th, 2022 to , Friday, Jan 6th, 2023
    We will resume regular hours from Saturday, Jan 7th, 2023.
    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us through the contact form.
    Cubeshops Staff

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