About Us

CUBESHOPS is the international store for vibrant people, supplying innovative ideas and products to the active mind.  Established in January 2009, CUBESHOPS is a central area for entrepreneurs who have a vision and idea, joining a network of business people alike to push a common goal:  to bring awareness to the product offered and inform those who are seeking alternative ideas.


CUBESHOPS specializes in products that are unique and will appeal to people of all ages; the trend-setters of the world.  We look for products that have a Japanese aesthetic, unique engineering, and quality construction.  From office supplies to housewares, from entertainment to functionality, CUBESHOPS looks for the best undiscovered manufacturers in the world.


CUBESHOPS gallery store is currently located in the heart of downtown Toronto.


We hope you enjoy your shopping experience and visit.  If you have any suggestions or comments regarding our store or products, please contact us and we will reply to your message.  Thank you for your interest and support.


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