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Trinus connects the Japanese technology and design recognized by the world and deliver to you a product full of completely new surprises. Trinus creates a lot of small innovations that make life fun across interior genres such as interior goods, dishes, stationery and apparel accessories.

  • Plant's Jewel - Ring

    The PLANT'S JEWEL is jewelry for plants. A lineup of accessories that makes even a single flower look wonderful. You can place them in a vase or glass with flowers, and then thread flower stems through it to complete an elegant arrangement.

    With the PLANT'S JEWEL, even an ordinary container can become a vase that holds the stems of flowers and plants securely. It is designed to be used with a variety of containers such as bowls and wine glasses to enjoy fresh flowers every day.

    A special anti-bacterial plating ensures that any water coming into contact with PLANT'S JEWEL stays clean so that it reduces the hassle of changing water regularly.

    Type: Ring
    Size: Φ60 x H145 mm
    Material: Stainless(Base) , KENIFINE™(Finishing)
    Weight (including package): 200g
    Made in Japan

    Designed by januka

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    Plant's Jewel - Ring

    Plant's Jewel - RingPlant's Jewel - RingPlant's Jewel - RingPlant's Jewel - Ring