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Trinus connects the Japanese technology and design recognized by the world and deliver to you a product full of completely new surprises. Trinus creates a lot of small innovations that make life fun across interior genres such as interior goods, dishes, stationery and apparel accessories.

  • Hana Colored Pencils 5pcs

    These HANA colored pencils offer unique and sophisticated details.

    Each pencil’s cross-section expresses the shape of Japanese flowers, which includes cherry blossom, red plum, dandelion, evergreen tree, and balloon flower. As you sharpen them, the shavings take on the appearance of flower petals.

    In addition to its eye-catching design, the pencil is made of eco-friendly recycled paper. Each package comes in a set of 5 pencils.

    Number of Items: Pack of 5
    Package Size: H180 x W32 x D32 mm
    Weight (including package): 70g
    Material: MAPKA, Pigment, Wax
    Made in Japan

    Designed by Toshihiro Otomo

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    Hana Colored Pencils 5pcs

    Hana Colored Pencils 5pcsHana Colored Pencils 5pcsHana Colored Pencils 5pcsHana Colored Pencils 5pcs
    Hana Colored Pencils 5pcs