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Designed by Japan's top designers, Tidy produced by h-concept (pronounced "Ash Concept") is a company built on functional design. Winning multiple international awards Tidy presents a new way of looking at household cleaning items while providing a new layer of functionality.

  • PlaTawa Kitchen Brush Green

    It is a multi-purpose brush that is useful in the kitchen. It is equipped with a convenient suction cup that can be attached to a sink or on the wall. It can also be used to clean the sieve or remove the dirt off of root vegetables. It is perfect for surfaces that require a scrub with certain softness.

    Product Size: 10.1×D10.1×H1.2cm
    Product Weight: 23g
    Product Material: Polyethylene
    Made in Japan


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    PlaTawa Kitchen Brush Green

    PlaTawa Kitchen Brush GreenPlaTawa Kitchen Brush GreenPlaTawa Kitchen Brush GreenPlaTawa Kitchen Brush Green