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Rezon that is a product design label under Kawamura Hideo Activity Inc, was established for a place where we, KHA express our design and idea liberally. In Chinese character, it means "Bow & Respect". We believe that we cannot accomplish our philosophy "make broderless actions with no limit" without any relationship between people and us. For that reason, we named "Rezon" not to forget the relationship and "A mind of bow & respect" all the time.
  • ONOFF Lamp - Cows

    Will you believe that this rectangular box shaped structure is a lamp? Again, this is very different from, what we know as a lamp, in terms of structure but even more mystifying is the design on it. There’s something hidden in the black and white pattern. Can you guess?

    These lamp shades are such that they look different when switched on and when switched off. These cleverly created lamps portray a different picture when lighted up in dark. So the very same lamp with the black and white striped design when lighted shows a giraffe which wasn’t visible before. Hence the name ONOFF Lamp.

    This effect is due to the presence of different designs on its inside and outside. When it’s not in use what you see is the external design and when illuminated the internal one shows itself bringing about that change. You can use these rectangular shades as a standing lamp or a hanging one.

    This collection is by designer Hideo Kawamura. Under his design label “Rezon”, the first product which you see as the ONOFF lamp has won the Good Design Award.

    Size: (W)150mm×(H)217mm×(D)150mm
    Weight: 100g
    Material: Polypropylene

    Designed by Hideo Kawamura
    Produced by Rezon

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    ONOFF Lamp - Cows

    ONOFF Lamp - CowsONOFF Lamp - Cows