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Rezon that is a product design label under Kawamura Hideo Activity Inc, was established for a place where we, KHA express our design and idea liberally. In Chinese character, it means "Bow & Respect". We believe that we cannot accomplish our philosophy "make broderless actions with no limit" without any relationship between people and us. For that reason, we named "Rezon" not to forget the relationship and "A mind of bow & respect" all the time.
  • 18 King T-Shirt Large

    18 King T-Shirt

    Super bling! Rezon debuts on Tokyocube with an awesome collection, including this 18 King t-shirt. Bold graphics, printed on top quality materials, make this another cool release from Rezon.

    Large: length 75, width 55cm

    Material: 100% cotton

    Designed by Hideo Kawamura
    Produced by Rezon

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    18 King T-Shirt Large

    18 King T-Shirt Large