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Plus D

Designed by Japan's top designers, +d produced by h-concept (pronounced "Ash Concept") is a company built on functional design. Winning multiple international awards +d presents a new way of looking at household items while providing a new layer of functionality.
  • Tube Doorstopper - Black


    This fun little tube-shaped doorstop, though small, holds doors firmly in place. When you're not using it, just set it upright and it's out of the way. Choose from an array of colors designed to match a variety of interior designs.

    Color : Black
    Size : W55xH100xD34mm
    Weight : 82g
    Material : Silicone

    Designed by Tetsuo Shibuya

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    Tube Doorstopper - Black

    Tube Doorstopper - BlackTube Doorstopper - Black