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Plus D

Designed by Japan's top designers, +d produced by h-concept (pronounced "Ash Concept") is a company built on functional design. Winning multiple international awards +d presents a new way of looking at household items while providing a new layer of functionality.
  • Pitacoro Magnet - Turquoise


    PITACORO are magnets that let you use color for work, play, and decoration. Pigments, the raw materials of colors, are shaped like rocks, and rocks have been used as tools since ancient times. I created these magnets in natural and expressive rock-like shapes in order to make it possible for you to use color as a tool rather then just decoration.

    These rock-like magnets seem to change shape as you look at them from different angles. Roll and stick them together as you please. And of course, use them to display notes or cards.

    Number of Items : Turquoise x 4, Green x 1
    Product Size : W12×D12×H12mm per piece
    Product Weight : 2.4g per piece
    Material : Ionomer, magnet
    Made in : Japan

    Designed by Sen-ichiro Watanabe


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    Pitacoro Magnet - Turquoise

    Pitacoro Magnet - TurquoisePitacoro Magnet - TurquoisePitacoro Magnet - TurquoisePitacoro Magnet - Turquoise