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Plus D

Designed by Japan's top designers, +d produced by h-concept (pronounced "Ash Concept") is a company built on functional design. Winning multiple international awards +d presents a new way of looking at household items while providing a new layer of functionality.
  • Birdie Paper Knife - Black


    A paper knife is of course a tool used to open envelopes, but have you found yourself writing any letters lately? Letters are a for of old-fashioned "analog" communication, which can actually be really fun. I hope that giving this "Birdie" as a present can help trigger that kind of communication for you.

    Size: W101×D9.7×H45.6mm
    Weight: 10g
    Package Size:W106×D11×H35mm
    Material: PBT
    Made in Japan

    Designed by Yuhei Oki

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    Birdie Paper Knife - Black

    Birdie Paper Knife - BlackBirdie Paper Knife - BlackBirdie Paper Knife - Black