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Plus D

Designed by Japan's top designers, +d produced by h-concept (pronounced "Ash Concept") is a company built on functional design. Winning multiple international awards +d presents a new way of looking at household items while providing a new layer of functionality.
  • Banana Door Stopper - Unripe


    You'd think it would be slippery, but it isn't! It's a banana-shaped doorstop. It's really quite an interesting piece that should add a certain something to any entryway or room. Why not use it to add a little humor to your everyday life?

    This is banana witch came from a far south island. The skin of banana thrown away by somebody has found a new job. It was to fix an opened door firmly.

    Type: Unripe
    Package Size : W170×D35×H1220mm
    Product Size : W150×D30×H195mm
    Product Weight : 250g
    Material : Silicone Rubber
    Made in : Japan

    Designed by Takashi Ohba

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    Banana Door Stopper - Unripe

    Banana Door Stopper - UnripeBanana Door Stopper - UnripeBanana Door Stopper - Unripe