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Plus D

Designed by Japan's top designers, +d produced by h-concept (pronounced "Ash Concept") is a company built on functional design. Winning multiple international awards +d presents a new way of looking at household items while providing a new layer of functionality.
  • Animal Rubberband - Pet Gift Box 24pcs


    Rubber bands are useful, but they tend to be disposable. Why can't someone design rubber bands that people would become attached to and want to use for a longer period of time? That’s the concept behind these Animal Rubber Bands.

    When people remove one of these rubber bands, they'll be pleasantly surprised to see that it’s in the shape of an animal! They'll be sure to save such a unusual and surprising item!

    Type: Pet
    Package Size: W85×D68×H27mm
    Material: Silicone
    Number of items: 24
    Made in Japan

    Designed by Masanori Haneda & Yumiko Ohashi

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    Animal Rubberband - Pet Gift Box 24pcs

    Animal Rubberband - Pet Gift Box 24pcsAnimal Rubberband - Pet Gift Box 24pcs