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METAPHYS endeavors to simply challenge how much “design” can support industrial manufacturing. The hidden concept with “something inside” the minimal form; METAPHYS exists for the depiction of the knowledge. A single water droplet becomes a river when united into a collective motion, just as a small voice develops into a unified thought. When the rivers magnitude meets that of human wisdom and overflows, the endeavor of METAPHYS will become a familiar sight.
  • Gum Flat Eraser - White

    The unique flat shape of the eraser was adopted to suit erasing both large and small areas.

    The straight line surface can be used to erase larger areas while the pointy edges enables you to erase small areas.

    The slim design also solves the problem that you to easily fit this eraser into your pencil case. This eraser is refillable.

    Color: White
    Size:W80 x H20.7 x D3.3 mm
    Material: Aluminum (Case), Styrene-based elastomer resin (Eraser)
    Weight: 8g

    Designed by Chiaki Murata

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    Gum Flat Eraser - White

    Gum Flat Eraser - WhiteGum Flat Eraser - WhiteGum Flat Eraser - WhiteGum Flat Eraser - White