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METAPHYS endeavors to simply challenge how much “design” can support industrial manufacturing. The hidden concept with “something inside” the minimal form; METAPHYS exists for the depiction of the knowledge. A single water droplet becomes a river when united into a collective motion, just as a small voice develops into a unified thought. When the rivers magnitude meets that of human wisdom and overflows, the endeavor of METAPHYS will become a familiar sight.
  • Gum Flat Eraser Refill - Orange

    Eraser refill for Gum Flat Eraser.
    Three colour variations of white, black, and orange are available.

    Color: Orange
    Size:W80 x H20.7 x D3.3 mm
    Material: Styrene-based elastomer resin
    Weight: 4g

    Designed by Chiaki Murata

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    Gum Flat Eraser Refill - Orange

    Gum Flat Eraser Refill - Orange