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Japan Modern Collection

Designed in Japan, Japan Modern Collectionis a company built on functional design that offers a new way of looking at household items while providing a new layer of functionality. Most of the products in this collection are hand made and utilizes the elements that are common in Japan.
  • Pentagonal Wood Pot

    This lovely wodden bowl, at a glance, appears to have been born from the mass of the tree plants. Penetration to the wood to any room, you can demonstrate its decorative presence. This product is an eco friendly products because it is made out of the edge of the reused or left over wood material from the making of other wood furnitures.

    Size: Length 150mm x Side 180mm x Thickness 180mm
    Material: Wood

    Designed by FUJIMOTO WOOD WORK

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    Pentagonal Wood Pot

    Pentagonal Wood Pot