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IWASHI KINZOKUKA is the creators of super detailed metal figures of ocean sea creatures.
  • Metal Figure - Kurobenkeigani

    This series of products features a variety of crabs: Floral Egg Crab, Japanese Horseshoe Crab, Kaimengani, Kurobenkeigani, and Stimpson's Ghost Crab. These figures feature a pain staking attention to detail. They are composed of a metal alloy, which ensures a solid build and long term enjoyment.


    These crabs are found in Japan in the Honshu-region down to Nansei Islands.They are well-suited to dry climates, as they can live with little water. They consume water from the joints of their legs, breathe using gills around their stomach, and then spit the water out from the mouth, which then can be consumed back into the respiratory cycle.

    However, if they use the same water repeatedly, the water becomes sticky due to their body fluid mixing with it, and the crabs end up foaming at the mouth. Moreover, if they are immersed in water for too long, they drown and die.

    Size : Approx. W105 x H55 x D65 mm
    Material : Zinc alloy
    Weight : 198g

    As this is a handmade product, each object is one of a kind.

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    Metal Figure - Kurobenkeigani

    Metal Figure - KurobenkeiganiMetal Figure - KurobenkeiganiMetal Figure - KurobenkeiganiMetal Figure - Kurobenkeigani
    Metal Figure - Kurobenkeigani