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IWASHI KINZOKUKA is the creators of super detailed metal figures of ocean sea creatures.
  • Metal Figure - Kaimengani

    This series of products features a variety of crabs: Floral Egg Crab, Japanese Horseshoe Crab, Kaimengani, Kurobenkeigani, and Stimpson's Ghost Crab. These figures feature a pain staking attention to detail. They are composed of a metal alloy, which ensures a solid build and long term enjoyment.


    These crabs are of the Majidae genus. They have sponges/seaweed sticking to the hair on their shells and feet. They can be found in a wide variety of regions from the Pacific Ocean south of Tokyo Bay down to the Indian Ocean. They live on the rocky reefs around 10-30 meters below.

    Size : Approx. W65 x H55 x D55 mm
    Material : Zinc alloy
    Weight : 56g

    As this is a handmade product, each object is one of a kind.

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    Metal Figure - Kaimengani

    Metal Figure - KaimenganiMetal Figure - KaimenganiMetal Figure - KaimenganiMetal Figure - Kaimengani
    Metal Figure - Kaimengani