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Hario Glassware

HARIO means, in Japanese, "The King of Glass". Formed in 1921, this Japanese company manufactures glassware of the highest quality for consumer and industrial uses. Their products range from beverage accessories such as coffee siphons and tea servers to television screens and apparatus for medical research. With unmatched workmanship and exceptional aesthetic design, HARIO comes to symbolize "glass making at its best" throughout Asia.

  • Cold Brew Coffee Pitcher 1000ml CBC-10SV


    The Cold Brew Coffee Pitcher is very easy to use and maintain. Simply add the coffee grounds, fresh water, into the pitcher and leave to steep in a refrigerator overnight.

    Wake up in the morning and enjoy smooth and mellow tasting coffee over ice. Perfect for family gatherings in hot weather and for the parties with friends!

    All-in-all the Hario cold coffee brewer has luxurious design, is versatile, and allows coffee enthusiasts at home to experiment with cold brew coffee without any hassle.

    Size: W152 x D 103 x H310 mm
    Capacity: 1000ml / for 8 cups
    Material: Heatproof Glass (Pot), Stainless Steel (Lid, Spout, Strainer), Silicone Rubber

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    Cold Brew Coffee Pitcher 1000ml CBC-10SV

    Cold Brew Coffee Pitcher 1000ml CBC-10SVCold Brew Coffee Pitcher 1000ml CBC-10SV