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Hario Glassware

HARIO means, in Japanese, "The King of Glass". Formed in 1921, this Japanese company manufactures glassware of the highest quality for consumer and industrial uses. Their products range from beverage accessories such as coffee siphons and tea servers to television screens and apparatus for medical research. With unmatched workmanship and exceptional aesthetic design, HARIO comes to symbolize "glass making at its best" throughout Asia.

  • Coffee Syphon Technica 600ml TCA-5


    Do you have a lot of passion for brewing coffee? Perhaps you want to change the way you brew or you want to have more fun while making a cup of coffee in the morning? That is perfect because the vacuum coffee maker Technica from Hario offers all of those things at once and more.

    With the siphon brewer you are in total control of the temperature, brewing time and the all-important brewing method, which determines the taste of your coffee.

    It will take some time to get the hang of it but once mastered, the vacuum brewed coffee is extremely rewarding. Get scientific about your coffee preparation and brew coffee like never before!

    Fuel for the alcohol lamp is not included.

    Size: W160 x D110 x H360 mm
    Capacity: 600ml, for 5 cups
    Weight: 1.3kg

    Material: Heatproof Glass, Stainless Steel, Polypropylene, Silicone Rubber, Brass, Aluminum, Iron, Zinc alloy, Melamine Resin

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    Coffee Syphon Technica 600ml TCA-5

    Coffee Syphon Technica 600ml TCA-5Coffee Syphon Technica 600ml TCA-5