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Hario Glassware

HARIO means, in Japanese, "The King of Glass". Formed in 1921, this Japanese company manufactures glassware of the highest quality for consumer and industrial uses. Their products range from beverage accessories such as coffee siphons and tea servers to television screens and apparatus for medical research. With unmatched workmanship and exceptional aesthetic design, HARIO comes to symbolize "glass making at its best" throughout Asia.

  • Coffee Dripper & Pot 360ml Red VDS-3012R


    Introducing the Hario V60 ceramic dripper pot set, everything you need to begin producing perfect pour-over coffee at home. Makes a perfect gift, nicely packaged and includes a V60 ceramic dripper (one cup size), a glass decanter, a coffee scoop and a pack of Hario V60 filter papers.

    The V60 flexible coffee style allows the brewer to manually produce delicious coffee to the brewers preference. The process takes roughly about 3 minutes but if you brew quicker you will alternate the coffee finish. So, experiment and enjoy.

    Set includes:
    -Dripper 01 Ceramic (1-2 cups)
    -Range Server 360 (1-3 cups, 360ml)
    -40 Unbleached Paper Filter for Dripper 01
    -Measuring Spoon

    Made in Japan

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    Coffee Dripper & Pot 360ml Red VDS-3012R

    Coffee Dripper & Pot 360ml Red VDS-3012R