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Hario Glassware

HARIO means, in Japanese, "The King of Glass". Formed in 1921, this Japanese company manufactures glassware of the highest quality for consumer and industrial uses. Their products range from beverage accessories such as coffee siphons and tea servers to television screens and apparatus for medical research. With unmatched workmanship and exceptional aesthetic design, HARIO comes to symbolize "glass making at its best" throughout Asia.

  • Clear Coffee Grinder MXR-2TB


    The sleek Hario Clear Coffee Grinder is made out of premium acrylic, in an opaque grey, with a clear acrylic drawer. It has a chamber capacity of 40 grams.

    This beautiful grinder has a stable suction surface which attaches to almost any flat surface like glue; giving maximum comfort while grinding your espresso or French press. It has ceramic burrs for durability and superior grinding.

    When you have finished using it, simply wash it and store it in a case to complete the stylish coffee expert look.

    Size: W183 x D75 x H 175 mm
    Capacity: coffee grounds 40g
    Weight: Approx. 600g

    Material: Ceramic (Burr), Methacrylic resin (Cover, Drawer, Body), Polypropylene (Grip, Hopper), Stainless Steel (Locking screw, Grind adjustment nut, Handle, Stopper, Shaft stopper, Shaft), Silicone (Sucker, Shaft cap, Shaft cover)

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    Clear Coffee Grinder MXR-2TB

    Clear Coffee Grinder MXR-2TBClear Coffee Grinder MXR-2TBClear Coffee Grinder MXR-2TBClear Coffee Grinder MXR-2TB