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Atelier Penelope

ATELIER PENELOPE was established in Meguro, Japan, with a view to exploring the potential for canvas bags. Each design reflects the belief that when our bags are used there is the potential to become more vibrant and practical.
Atelier Penelope is a hand made product line based on the knowledge and dedication of the designers to convey the essentials of daily living.
  • Square Bag -Mustard-


    Easy-to-carry square tote.
    Convenient size that to be fit 15 CDs in when you load it onto car.
    Internal single zipper pocket.

     SIZE :H16cm×W14cm×D17cm


    ----- Please note that for this special coated product -----
    * Due to stretched and folded in process. You see white wrinkle on a product.
        it is not color shading.    
    * With this Paraffin processed canvas, you might feel oil-based smell at beginning          

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    Square Bag -Mustard-

    Square Bag -Mustard-Square Bag -Mustard-