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100 Percent

"100%" is condition beyond reasons. Not the scheduled or harmonized world, but the world where we live is filled with the logically un-analyzable mysterious factors beyond the range of expression with words and numerical value. Also, in everyday life, when drinking tea using some warped and distorted china, we feel that it is something tasteful. And when a woman wears a kimono, we feel as if her talk and behavior naturally becomes ladylike. Like this, human has been receiving influences more than imagination by such a groundless feeling which naturally exists daily. Such things may have some power to change the quality of life. The things which "100%" want to value are not “right and wrong” or “win or lose.” We will find the irreplaceable sense of values which evokes the rich feeling and emotion of which human originally has, and wish to enjoy, sharing it with everybody. Therefore, not someone’s demand, but having an adventurous spirit and an inquiring mind freely, we want to begin the production without easy deception, gazing at things calmly. We want to offer the place for existence of original natural power like a flower which springs up from the crevice between concretes.
  • Peti Peto - Fujisan

    Mt. Fuji

    Peti Peto is a pocket sized cleaner for glasses and screens in the shape of animals made with Origami.

    By pleating the polyester material, this cloth, even if it is spread and used, will go back to its original shape.

    Peti means 'small,' and Peto means 'animal' in Latin.

    Carry this little pet anywhere you go!

    Size: 200 x 200 mm (Opened)
    Material : 100% polyester
    Made in Japan

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    Peti Peto - Fujisan

    Peti Peto - FujisanPeti Peto - FujisanPeti Peto - Fujisan